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Babies 13,14,15, 16- What would I do without you?


PG 13, again Winking smile It also describes April’s night with someone-you can find out as you read!


After a long , agonizing pregnancy, I gave birth to twin girls, Bev  (named after my mummy)(Red) and Blu (pale).

Ghost girls.

I can’t believe that the twins stayed alive. Clark cried when I gave birth, softly and sweetly, as he held his two baby girls in his arms.

“Clark, you’re a dad.” he told himself, repeatedly. “I love them so much!” he cried, and squeezed my hand.


3 days after the birth of my twins, I got some creepy text messages from Grant. After I told Clark, in the morning, he freaked out.

“Never again,” he grunted, his muscles rippling as he spoke. Apparently he worked out before he came to be my “bodyguard”.  “Will that –“

“Thing,”  I interrupted,  wary of his language in front of the triplets and twins.

“touch you, go near you or keep in contact with you . Do you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Now get dressed, I want to have a good day today.”

So we caught up with each other after our weekend away. He went to go visit his mom in Hidden Springs.

“Mom’s friend Newbie is such a cool guy! I’ve known him for ages. Oh, and mom said that we should have a birthday party for you!”

“No way. No way. Uh-uh.”

“Yes way. You’ve had so many kids in the last while and no play, really.”

“Fine, if I have to go through that torture, so will you.”

“My birthday is near Christmas, hun.”

“Well, did you celebrate it?”


“No! Exactly! Well, we all know you’re 24 now, so let’s celebrate that birthday. I’m just a measly nineteen.”

“Not able to drink yet, small fry.”


“Oh yeah?” I sat on the ledge of the hot tub, and he put his hand in.

“Yes, unless you want to be arrested?”

I pulled him out and poured a glass of wine and swallowed it furiously, swirling  it around  in my mouth like a mouthwash.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Clark made a  lunge for the bottle, his voice serious.

“Yeah, and now it’s mine.” I drank from the bottle, and he grunted “I’m putting the girls to bed.”


I watched from the doorway as Clark got his girls changed.

“Night Bev-y,” he said, putting her in her crib.

“Night Blu-be,” he said, kissing her on the nose.

“You have a way with kids,” I mumbled to him on the other side of the staircase.Screenshot-639

“I grew up as a baby challenge kid,” he said shortly.

We fell silent.







“Love, you know that our last children had a problem. I don’t know if you’d mind, if we, er, tried for another?”


“I dunno Clark, maybe-“


Suddenly he kissed me. I felt my body melt against his and I allowed him to kiss me once again.

He picked me up, carrying me to my double bed and undressed me.  Drunkenly, I pulled him towards me and kissed him passionately. It was like it was my feelings for him were finally being released, in the most special and intimate way possible.

“Oh Love,” he mumbled, kissing my neck’s vampire tattoo.

“Yes?” I asked.

“It’s something you say to someone-you know what, never mind.”

Later that evening, I heard Clark whisper something to me as he ran his hand over the naked flesh on my back.

“I love you, and always will.”


I woke up with a headache.

I turned my head and saw Clark sleeping next to me, his arm over mine, and judging by my sense of touch, we were naked.

“Clark! Clark!” I whispered, trying to catch his attention.


“What happened last night?”

He looked up and saw the beer cans across the room, as well as my and his clothes.

“Is this what I think it is?”


Suddenly a white flash caught my eyes.

The Press.



I screamed and pulled on a shirt.

Clark, in his underwear, pulled the curtains shut.

“Clark,” I said in a strange voice.

“Let’s forget this night ever happened?” he finished.

“For the best, yeah.”

                                           -Later That Month-

We moved houses to the posh Beverly Hills part of Hollywood.

“It’s lovely!” I exclaimed, my pregnant belly bulging out my shirt.

“It is,” said Clark, rubbing his hand in circular movements across my belly.


Suddenly I felt myself go into labour.






“Okay, okay, I’m here!”

He held my hand, and I knew, we would be together through thick and thin.

Best friends for ever.

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Jerome Sierra and Clifton Sierra


My triplets as YA


My ghost girls!

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